Magic Tea recipe

So I have been playing with this tea for a few weeks now. I love the way it brings the medical value out of the plant. I have used 3 different strains. Cheese OG, Green Crack, and Purple Diesel. All turned out teriffic, nice taste, fast long lasting effects. I will have some of this in the fridge at all times!  Here’s what Ya going to need !

Drip style coffee maker I got mine at wallmart nothing special

1/4 decarboxilated  bud or trim Remember the better the bud the better the result.

Coffee filter for said drip style coffee maker.


Fill coffee maker with up to 12 cups of water.*

Put coffee filter in coffee maker

Add Buds to filter

Start Brewing**

Cool and enjoy!!

I usually start with half of a glass maybe 8oz for my first dose. Drink and give it a solid 60 mins. Realy set a timer the first time. Not “I have a high tolerance so im going to drink more at 30 mins” I noticed for me there were many Peaks, so just wait 60 mins and be safe ok! Most people who don’t like Edibles had a bad experience so slow your friends down if they are new.

*Adding less water will not make it stronger

** I usually brew 2 times. full brew then pour it in the reservoir again and let it go. I did a 3rd brew once and it messed with the taste so I stop at 2 times.

Please leave a comment if you like this Tea, Or if you don’t like the Tea, or if you have a Tea trick, Or just to sat HI!


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